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Our Legacy

Burton James / Our Legacy

Since its inception over three decades ago, Burton James has earned a reputation as a preferred resource for the interior design trade. Based just outside of Los Angeles in Southern California, their uniquely American success story was launched with a mission to deliver quality, bench-made furniture to homes and businesses nationwide. This mission – in partnership with a steadfast commitment to outstanding customer service – has since become the cornerstone of the Burton James story.

Under the direction of President Ray Zoref, Burton James’ market reach has evolved to include an extensive network of sales representatives partnering with design professionals and “Trade” showrooms throughout the United States, an impressive roster of private label partnerships, and numerous retail outlets supporting the direct-to-consumer market. Through a sea of advances in manufacturing and technology, Burton James has retained their commitment to local sources, pride in the products they deliver, and the people who produce them.

The Burton James team continues to answer the industry’s call for innovation, quality, and responsiveness. From their popular “Quick Ship” program to a fresh take on modularity with the “Habitat” collection, Burton James sectionals, sofas, and occasional seating continue to define the meaning of “Casual Elegance.”

On April 1, 2024, the Burton James brand joined the Made Goods’ family of brands consisting of Made Goods, Pigeon & Poodle and Blue Pheasant. The family of brands (founded in 2008 by Chris DeWitt and Oscar Yague), is a privately owned and founder-led company located in City of Industry, California. Made Goods designs, sells, and distributes luxury home décor to interior designers, as well as boutique and luxury retailers globally. With five permanent showrooms across the country, the Made Goods family of wholesale brands includes Pigeon & Poodle (home and bath accessories), Blue Pheasant (handcrafted tabletop products), and now Burton James (upholstered furniture).

For more information about Made Goods, visit www.madegoods.com.


What is happening?

Chris DeWitt and Oscar Yague have purchased the assets of Burton James to add to their existing family of brands. This does not mean the same as purchased the company, as the prior Burton James company is in the process of liquidation. Made Goods intends to invest in the Burton James brand across the board including overall processes, quality improvements, fabric and shape options, sales tools, website updates etc. We are all very excited about what this will mean for you and your upholstery needs.

Tell me more about Made Goods and other brands in the family?

The Family of wholesale brands includes Made Goods (flagship furniture made from unique materials); Pigeon & Poodle (home and bath accessories), Blue Pheasant (handcrafted tabletop products), and now Burton James (upholstered furniture). For more information visit www.madegoods.com.

What will change for me now that Burton James is a part of the Made Goods’ family of brands?

The plan is to improve your experience with the Burton James brand; we will be working on our communication, systems, and processes for you.

I have an order for a Burton James product, will I still receive it?

Yes! Any questions about an existing order can be sent to orders@burtonjames.com.

How do I place a new order with Burton James?

Please email orders@burtonjames.com.

Do I go to Made Goods to purchase or receive information on my Burton James order?

No. Burton James will run as an independent brand with its own service and sales team. Please reach out to customerservice@burtonjames.com for more information.

Who do I call if I have a sales related issue?

Please reach out to our Director of Sales, Sean Gillespie. His email is: sgillespie@burtonjames.com.

Who can I reach out to if I don’t have a sales rep?

Please reach out to the Sales Rep closest to your area. Contact information is located under the contact page of Burtonjames.com. If you do not have a sales rep in your area, please reach out to Sean Gillespie at sgillespie@burtonjames.com.

Will my warranties still be in effect?

Yes, all warranties will still be honored.

Are the terms staying the same?

Yes! All terms remain the same for existing active customers who have ordered within the last year.

What if I have an existing and open credit with Burton James?

In an effort to build a positive relationship with you moving forward, your existing credit will be honored through the end of 2024.

What if I have an existing deposit towards a Burton James order I have not received and is currently in production?

No worries, we have decided to honor this payment in an effort to establish a good relationship with you moving forward.

Will the quote you gave me still be honored?

Yes, we will honor all existing quotes for 45 days.

Can my Burton James order ship with my Made Goods order?

No, not at this time. Please continue to order Made Goods and Burton James separately as usual.

Will Burton James continue to offer the same items and fabrics?

At this time we will continue to offer the majority of fabrics. The assortment will expand and handles will be updated within the year.

Will I be notified of any new products or changes in price?

Yes! You will be notified through email communication. Your Sales Rep can provide updates on pricing and products as well.

Will Burton James be showing at High Point?

Yes! You can visit Burton James at their showroom located at 310 N Hamilton St. Suite 101, High Point, NC.